CISS Automation

CISS Base Automation is an automation design program for industry. The program will generate you Operation Schemes and Adjustment Schemes and it will maintain the information of various kinds of automation components in the database.

All the document management capabilities of CISS Base program will be functioning also with the Automation (workflows, versions, etc.). You will be able to import component data from PID and Electricity Applications, which are part of the same software, in order to handle this information in Automation (automatically or manually).

By using CISS Base Automation, you will be able to create automation diagrams with row information into the structure. The addition/editing of row information can be done in CISS Base program or in MicroStation CAD program. The principle of CISS Base: information once in one place applies in here too. You may deal with the information in both programs. The generation of automation diagrams is based on Symbol Objects (measurements, etc.), which you will be able to import from external systems (in XML or txt format), from PI or you may create it direct to the project.

The program enables you to create from the structure various kinds of listings, which can be used for editing the information in the base. This way it is easy to check the resemblance of the information and update information in mass operation. The diagrams created into the structure you may output one by one or use batch printing. When using batch printing you are able to select the output language in the diagrams, convert to DWG or PDF.

Ask more, how you will be able to make your automation design more  efficient by using CISS Base and its integrated PID and Electricity tools.