CISS Electricity & MicroStation and Autocad

CISS Base Electricity is a Plant Design program. With this program you will able to generate both circuit diagrams and main diagrams. In addition you will manage the information of various electricity components in tree structure.

All the document management capabilities of CISS Base Document Management software are also there for you to be used in CISS Base Electricity (workflows, versions, etc.). From PI and Automation applications, which are part of the same software, you will be able to import component information into Electricity (automatically or manually).

You will be able to create with the use of CISS Base Electricity electrical centers, output units, electrical loads, etc., electrical components. Based on these components in the structure, you will be able to automatically generate Main diagrams and Circuit diagrams. The component forms can be modified by the user. You may remove surplus fields, edit the field names or set up new fields.

With the program you will be able to perform all kinds of listings, which you may use in order to edit the information in the data base. With the help of listings it is easy for you to check the resemblance of the data and you are able to correct accidentally created typing errors etc., one by one or in mass operation. The diagrams and reports created in the structure you may output either one by one or in mass operation. Mass output enables you to choose the output language of the diagrams.

The CISS Base software, developed by Econocap Engineering, is one entity for the information management. Due to the intelligent object, it will combine different remits, branches of operation and fields of activity into one entity. The program will fit in almost all lines of business. Forest industry, chemistry, energy, mining, machine workshops, construction, engineering, accounting, etc., just in order to name a few.

By using the most modern coding tools we are able to code dozens of times faster the capabilities, which only for some years ago one could only dream of (the work was such a time consuming).

The top class data security of CISS Base will defend you against all outside and inside attacks. For each user it will be defined a role (profile), according to which the user will see the authorized documents (objects). The other documents (objects) will stay invisible. New documents, and the documents under modification, are only subject to modification by the user in question, until the user will release them for the use of other users.

The document (object) can be at the moment of creation, for example, a PI diagram in dgn format. Electricity, automation and piping designers can take use of this information and add into this object their own documents and information. This whole information will be instantly visible to all users (who have rights and need for it) throughout the whole world.

The data transfer from CISS Base into other systems will be conducted by using XML. The Import and Export APIs are done by using standard XML. Due to this fact the parties do not need to agree the format of the data to be transferred => compatibility and smaller cost.

When you will carry with you a laptop, you will always have a secure access (according to your rights) to all information your company has saved.