MS – Electricity V8i

MS – Electricity V8i

MS-Electricity V8 is an application for drawing of electricity drawings and for  designing of electricity diagrams. 

In the application there are own sections for the designing of buildings and plants. The program is also available as a graphical version, without a separate data base.

MS-Electricity V8 software contains comprehensive cell libraries in order to create diagrams. There are characters to various needs of electricity designing. It is easy to add in the program the user´s own cell libraries. By using the setting form, the user will control the appearance of the diagrams and layers the way he  wants.


EcE-electricity contains the following categorized cell libraries for the the designing electricity for buildings: The high-intensity current and low current characters for plane drawings, main diagram characters and architect characters and sheets. In addition there are, in the section for the electricity designing of the buildings, tools for piping and a possibility to create the main diagrams for the centers by feeding  in the data concerning centers and the outputs on the existing forms.

In order to easap up the electricity designing of plants, there are several sets of characters ready for you in the MS-Electricity.

Row connectors, cable endings and switches of circuit diagrams will be created in EcE-Electricity by using easy-to-use dialogs.The dialogs contain the commonly used way of markings on the sortable menu lists. The user may create the numbering of the row connectors as he please, in case the alternatives of the menu lists are insufficient. By using the row connector tool you will also place connector combinations, contact plug laths and plug pins into drawing. There are in the electricity designing section for plants also tools for drawing the fysical and logical cords and tools for limiting the groups.