CISS Automation

With CISS Automation you can generate operating diagrams, control diagrams, and maintain the data of various automation components in the database

CISS Automation is available for AutoCAD and MicroStation.

Seamless data flow between CISS applications

CISS Automation has all the document management features included in CISS Office, such as workflows, version control, permissions, etc. All products in the CISS software family are in the same database, so all applications work seamlessly together. Data can be transferred easily between all of the plant design applications, CISS Automation, CISS Electric and CISS PID.

Generate automation diagrams with row data

CISS Automation produces automation diagrams with row data into the structure. Adding and editing row data can be done in either CISS Automation or in the CAD program (AutoCAD, MicroStation). The generation of automation diagrams is based on different measurements that can be imported from external systems (in XML or TXT formats), PI, or created directly for the project.

Mass check and update of data using listings

The program can be used to make various listings of the structure, which can be used to modify the information in the database. This way, it is easy to check the similarity of the data and update the data as a bulk. The diagrams created in the structure can be printed either one at a time or with the mass printing function. In mass printing, you can select the printing language for the diagrams, convert into DWG, or create PDFs.

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