CISS Electric

CISS Electric is a plant electrical design program that generates circuit diagrams, main diagrams and maintains data of various electrical components in the database

CISS Electric application is available for AutoCAD and MicroStation.

Seamless data flow between CISS applications

CISS Electric has all the same document management features as included in the CISS Office program, such as workflows, file user rights, version management, etc. All products in the CISS software family are in the same database, so all applications work seamlessly together. Data can be transferred easily between all of the plant design applications, CISS Electric, CISS PID and CISS Automation.

Create various kinds of electrical components

Various kinds of electrical components can be created with CISS Electric application, such as electrical centers, output units, electric loads, etc. Main diagrams and circuit diagrams can automatically be generated since all the components are in the structure. The component forms can be modified by the user. You may remove surplus fields, edit field names or set up new fields.

Mass check and update data with the use of listings

With CISS Electric you will be able to create different kinds of listings, which can be used to edit the information in the database. The use of listings enables you to easily check the coherence of the data, so for example, accidentally made typing errors can be corrected one by one or as a mass operation.

Single and mass printing

The diagrams and reports created in the structure can be printed either one by one or as a mass operation. Mass printing enables you to choose the output language of the diagrams.

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