Our services

We are developing, marketing and selling our own software products. We will guarantee you all the necessary services including training, which is needed in order to improve your IT performance. When we are together with you thinking over your system, our motto is: We will hear and listen to you and then we will present our solution.


The training offered by CISS Software covers, in addition to MicroStation training, naturally all our own programs.

There are several programs based in CISS Base, in addition to Document Management. There are PDM, Electricity, Automation and PID…

CISS Base PDM has been integrated into AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, MicroStation and SolidWorks. In PDM training we will tell you how the design chain with CISS Base will function. We will go through versions and workflows. When the entity, including output, has been covered in the training, you will have a completely new efficiency level in your design system.

EcE programs (MicroStation Add-ons) have been in use for our customers for more than two decades. Due to this fact we will be able to offer you a top level training with the Finnish material for all EcE products.


The Information Management is a wide concept in the terminology of CISS Software Oy. The Information Management covers the design systems, document management and the management of technical documentation of all remits, fields of activities and lines of business.

During the more than two decades of operation, we have delivered various kinds of design systems and document management systems to the hundreds of our customers. Due to this experience we will be able to guarantee that after our consultancy the know how of our customer will be significantly improved on the matter in question.

Examples of our consultancy projects are the designing of a document management system, the more efficient use of CAD and PDM systems, the evaluation of a new CAD system (usually 3D) and a general consultation for the use of CAD system.

For our customers we will supply advice concerning the more efficient use of all EcE products and CISS Base programs.