About us

We are a Finnish software company developing applications for MicroStation and software for information management & PDM for several CAD environments


The goal of our company is to develop high-quality, high-tech and competitive applications, and ensure they are running smoothly every day of the year. Our company is a long-term partner, whose operations are driven forward by the feedback from our customers.


  • We invest in developing high-quality software products of our own
  • We always consider the customer’s needs
  • We quickly implement development ideas from customers for the use of the entire customer base
  • We use a quality system which guides the quality of our deliveries as well as our daily operations
  • We ensure the effective use of our programs by offering support services and customized training

Special expertise in software development

We have over thirty years of experience in developing software for the needs of mechanical and plant design. Our history dates back to 1988, when we started the company, and developed a mechanical design software package for MicroStation. A few years later, we expanded our software solutions also for plant design. From the very beginning we have operated in environments requiring industry-specific expertise, such as Unix, Vax/Vms, Mac, Dos and Windows.

In the early days, only Windows File Manager was used to manage CAD documents. When it became impossible to manage the large number of CAD files and their versions, we developed CISS PDM software for managing product structures. Decades later, our customers still use our programs. Our current CISS software products have evolved over the years to match the requirements of the postmodern information society.

CISS Software - Software solutions

Comprehensive data management and seamless data sharing between different programs and actors.