An easy-to-use application for P&ID design for MicroStation

The application is compatible with MicroStation Connect Edition and V8i versions.

Clear user-friendly interface

All information is inside the DGN file. When reporting, all data information is retrieved from the DGN. The program is based on a library of more than 400 symbols. Symbol libraries can be added freely.

Property information is updated using tags

In MS PID v10 the property information required for process design is entered using MicroStation tags. Similar powerful tools are available for implementing the content and shape of the identifiers as there are for customizing the graphical appearance. The required lists and listings are created using the tag reporting tools of MicroStation. Final reports are printed with Excel.

Symbols and standards are easily changed for each project

Every user has different requirements in regards of the character standards used for the PI diagram. For this reason, special attention has been paid to the easy implementation of the software. The symbols and standards of the PID program can be changed on a project-by-project basis.

Customizable for different kinds of uses

Illustrative settings forms and clear ASCII configuration files enable the easy customization of MS PID v10 for a variety of user needs. Changes made to the configuration file update the functions of the software in real time.

Includes 48 drawing frames of different sizes

To make it easier to start making drawings, MS PID v10 comes with 48 drawing frames of different sizes with titleblock and distribution files. Our MS Titleblock v10 addon makes filling the titleblock easy. Just enter the information on the form, and they will be updated in the titleblock automatically.

Identifiers can be customized as needed

The identifiers (ID) of equipment, pumps, valves, lines, etc. are placed in the diagram dynamically by pointing with cursor. The ID is freely editable as needed. The format of the ID is defined in the settings file on a project-by-project basis.

  • MS PID v10 ribbon
  • MS PID v10 settings
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