Lite PDM

A lightweight PDM program for file and parts lists management, developed for CAD users

“Lite PDM is extremely easy to use, and you can start doing design work immediately after installation!”

Install and use

The program is very fast to learn. It takes no time to deploy the program, and you can start achieving results faster and improving your productivity.

No training needed

You can start doing relevant work immediately! Due to the ease of use of Lite PDM, long user trainings are no longer needed.

Quick deployment, you can directly use existing folder structures

  • You can see all the files in the selected folder and its subfolders at once
  • Large preview window

Compatibility with all CAD programs gives your team peace of mind, allowing them to continue working with their own tools

  • All file types are supported, including 3D files
  • Version control

Simple commands and user interface reduce unnecessary thinking time, and give employees more time to focus on the relevant

  • Fast file search function
  • Creating a parts list is extremely easy and fast
  • You can save hundreds of working hours in a year with ready-made component lists
  • Over 15 000 components ready to be used in an Excel table in English (and Finnish)

Easily integrated to ERP systems with the XML interface