Software solutions for MicroStation

Productivity applications for CAD design
PDM and document management software

Improve your 3D design efficiency with our applications designed for MicroStation, and our PDM and document management solutions for tieing it all together. We have been developing applications and programs especially for the industrial sector for over 30 years.

MS Mechanics v10
Application for mechanical design in MicroStation
MS Fold v10
Unfold a part into a flat format
in MicroStation
MS 3D Pipe v10
3D piping design application for MicroStation
MS PID v10
PID design and reporting (PI&D) in MicroStation
CISS PID for MicroStation
Managing and reporting PID data via a SQL server database
CISS PDM for MicroStation
Product structure and part lists management for MicroStation users
Lite PDM
A lighter PDM solution for all CAD users
MS Titleblock v10
Addon for filling in the titleblock of a DNG file
MS Plot v10
Addon for additional printing features for MicroStation
CISS Office
Document and information management software
CISS Cloud
Browser solution
for CISS Office