With CISS Base PID program your process and instrument design will be transferred into new era. The process design and diagram design will be performed from skratch by using the intelligent object inside the relational data base. Due to this object concept, the whole design process will be a centralized data and information storage and sharing process, also online through the Internet, to all participants in the project, regardless of the time and the place.

The basic idea of CISS Base PID program is the ease of use, and also the use through the Internet.

You may start the design of processes direct into CISS Base object model or into dgn/dwg file of MicroStation. In all cases the information will be saved into object in the data base. CISS Base will show all the information graphically in tree structure. The components and instruments of the line will be visible under the line. Tanks, pumps, etc. information will also be visible in the same tree structure.

The designer may add or remove components or whatever data direct in CISS Base program. If he will add a component, he may link it afterwards in the corresponding  graphics in dgn/dwg. CISS Base will enable you a centralized design process and the sharing of the exact actual situation to the interest groups, security in mind, through the browser. For example a project manager may view the advancing of the project online and he will see the exactly true design situation. If a project manager is carrying a 3G mobile phone or a laptop, he will also be able to monitor the situation even on the installation site.

With the help of CISS Base PID program, you will be able to work regardless of time or place.

Below you will see a view of CISS PID

The tree structure on the left of the card will show the lines. Under the lines there are the components of the particular line. The form is only partiallly fed in, but you will be able to see that we really have taken into consideration all matters for the input of the data.