CISS Office

CISS Office brings together the company’s information management into one centralized and communicative entity

Data management that integrates applications from different industries in one place

The CISS Office database provides a centralized data storage for all of our CISS products, making it easy to share information with all parties, regardless of time or place. All products in the CISS software family operate from the same database, so all applications work seamlessly together. When you purchase any of our CISS software products, you will automatically gain access to all the features of CISS Office as well. Creating reports and managing files for different industries is easy when all the information is in one place.

Centralized document and information management

When you use CISS Office, you can manage all the documents in the organization with just one software – Office files, emails, photos, videos, technical documents (e.g. CAD files) etc. All the information related to the documents’ meta data, versions, workflows, user rights etc. can be managed with CISS Office.

Reduce the number of errors with automatic version control

CISS Office ensures automatically that only the newest version of the file is available. For example a mechanical design company can save significantly yearly in costs related to using the wrong version of a file. The number of errors is reduced when the newest version of a CAD drawing is available for use. All users are notified immediately when there is a new in-progress version of a file.

Using metadata saves time

Metadata can save a significant amount of time when working with files. The number of errors is reduced when metadata is utilized in adding and updating the information in a document. For example the company name and contact information (metadata) can be standardized so that they are always updated in the same place in the Word document, and in the titleblock of a CAD drawing.

Communicative document management

Documents can communicate with users inside the CISS Office information system. For example a specific time reminder can be set to a document, so it will notify the selected user about the need to renew a contract with a customer. From the cloud or from a local server, CISS Office is working on your command, even when you are not around.

File user rights and security classification

Each file in CISS Office has user rights and security classification. Users can be assigned rights to use a document (read, print, modify and delete). Security classification determines if the user can see classified files. The security classifications are: top secret (I), secret (II), confidential (III), restricted access (IV) and public (not classified).

Tracking document status and workflow

CISS Office provides a visual way to track the status or workflow of each document. A specific user can be assiged in each phase to check or approve the current phase of a document workflow. The minimum workflow of a document is “in progress – finished”. For example the workflow of a technical drawing can be “design – inspection – accept”.

Simple search tool finds quickly what you need

You can do a search with any unique term. In addition to searching for file metadata, you can also search for text inside a file. The program manages all file formats – Office files, photos, videos, technical CAD program files, etc.

Beginning to use CISS Office is easy

Deployment and learning to use CISS Office is fast, so the software is ideal also for small businesses who don’t have their own IT support department. We provide comprehensive customer support services, maintenance and deployment training for all of our software solutions. Read more about our services.

More good features

  • Integration to Office and Outlook is possible
  • Preview feature lets you view also CAD files in addition to common office file types
  • Available for multiple languages (Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian and Chinese)
  • Compatible with all software in the CISS product family
  • You can use the same CISS Office also through the browser-based CISS Cloud

“With over twenty years of experience, the feedback from our customers, and the technology from Microsoft, we have developed CISS Office. Our software saves time used for document and information management, even up to hundreds of hours per user in a year. CISS Office ensures safe data flow, centralized information storage, and makes sure that the newest version of a file is always found easily from the organization’s file storage.”