CISS Cloud

CISS Cloud is a browser solution for CISS Office

Access CISS Office files through browser interface

If you are using CISS Office document management solution, CISS Cloud allows you to access all documents in the CISS Office database through a browser interface, regardless of time or place. The CISS Office database provides a centralized data storage for all of our CISS products and thus the sharing of information between all parties and all applications is effortless. Read more about the features of CISS Office.

Easy to use and fast to learn

CISS Cloud provides you with the basic features of document management, such as add, delete, edit, find, print, roles and rights, as well as version management. Due to its simplicity, CISS Cloud is very easy to use and fast to learn. We will also implement customer-specific additional features, ask us about it!

Find quickly what you’re looking for

You can search by any unique search term or keyword. In addition to searching for file metadata, you can also retrieve text from within a file. The program manages all file formats – Office files, photos, videos, files used by CAD programs, etc.

Easy deployment

CISS Cloud can be used from a cloud server or a server of your own. As a cloud service you can start using the program immediately. Learning to use CISS Cloud is quick and easy, so the program is also ideal for small businesses that do not have their own IT support department. We will provide comprehensive support services, a maintenance contract and deployment training for all of our software. Read more about our services.

CISS Cloud works on all common browsers, computers and mobile devices (Windows, Apple and Android).