MS – 3D Pipe V8i & V10

EcE-3D PIPE is a genuine 3D solid modeling software for 3-dimensional piping design for industrial plants and reporting of the materials from 3D model or ISOmetric. The creation of ISOmetrics  is including in EcE-3D Pipe software. You will remarkably easily create a corresponding isometric drawings with BOMs from the 3D model. 

The program has been created, in addition to 3D-modeling, for supporting service and maintenance functions. Reporting is performed directly from drawing into Excel, thus creating and editing of reports is extremely easy and fast.

The program contains all the pipe classes by SFS (29) and the components. There are in the program thousands of 3D components ready for you. We will commit to model the ones, which are missing from the program, and for which you as a customer have the need.  

EcE-3D PIPE is linked into EcE-PID software. The pipeline and component information fed in EcE-PID software  will migrate direct to EcE-3D Pipe software.

EcE-3D PIPE has been created for the piping designer with the needs of the piping designer in mind.

ISOMETRIC CREATION  for EcE-3D Pipe will include ISOmetric creation program by Econocap Engineering. The program will generate automatically ISOmetric from the 3D model. The measurement and creation of part numbers is automatic. There are all the sheet sizes ready in the program and their placement on the picture is easy.