MS – FOLD V8i & V10

MS-Fold 2D/3D is an unfolding program of Mechanics product family. The unfolding drawing, calculated according to mathematically sound methods, will enable you the efficient manufacturing of sheet metal products.  With the help of the program the user will unfold the piece in plane, easily and extremely rapidly.

The program is created from the needs of our customers in order to be able to create unfolding drawings, based on the dimensions. You will lean to how use the program in minutes, without training, if MicroStation is familiar to you.

There is also in MS-Fold a user friendly calculator, by which you will be able to pick up the desired dimensions from 2D drawings and 3D models. Calculator will be used also in order to feed in the dimension information.

With MS-Fold the creation of unfolding is really fast and easy.