Based on the decades of feedback from our customers, our decades of experience and the most modern technology of Microsoft, we have been able to develop CISS Office, Document and Information Management Software.

Information Management is a lot wider concept than, for example, Document Management. In general people talk about office documents and technical documents. We are speaking of Office and Technical Information Management, if there is a need to distinguish these two areas. In general the Information Management covers all document management, but also a lot of other data in the data base and the usage of the data in the other systems of the company.

Briefly: CISS Base Information Management will tell you how the information and documents are fastened or related to each other and how the documents can be grouped in orderto form logical entities. It will tell you how the product structure created in CAD program is working, how you will manage versions and items. When all the information and data, their interdependence is 100 per cent in control, it will tell you how this information produced can be used in the other systems of the company (ERP, CRM…).

Our long IT experience we have gathered during our more than two decades of plant, PI&D, Electrical, Automation and 3D Pipe design. We have also been involved in the mechanical engineering since the set up of the company. During the years we have developed Add-on programs for MicroStation, AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, CADS and Vertex CAD programs. Document Management is not so tightly related to the line of business than, for example, Mechanics. Due to this fact our experience today covers almost all lines of business.

The development of CISS Base Information Management software has been possible due our cumulative experience of different remits, branch of activities and lines of business, but also our experience of various kinds of IT environments.

CISS Base Information Management software has been developed for saving and managing of all the information and documents there are in a company, whether the user is in local network or in Internet, data security will always be of top quality.

CISS Base will be at its best, when information and data will be gathered form several systems, produced by several people in different roles. With the help of this program your company will be able to manage and organize the information and the files. The cumulative information will be saved once, in one place, but simultaniously visible wherever needed, on the controlled manner and the data security taken into consideration. This is true whether you will use CISS Base program in local network or in Internet.